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Our Teaching Approach

Our innovative approach to learning and teaching helps the students to build the key qualities of self-motivation, confidence, the skills and knowledge in various subjects. At RCC, we employ a variety of teaching methods to develop the students’ independent study skills and thinking. Traditional lectures are complemented by Seminars, Group-Discussions, Debates, Quiz, all of which demand student participation and response. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of their subjects and develop the analytical, presentation and communication skills now demanded by employers as well as required for professional practice.

The Coaching is divided into five parts:
Pre-Preparation: The Academy distributes well-prepared Study Material for all the subjects taught, in a synoptic form. The material is prepared by our talented faculty of professionals. The students are advised and encouraged to complete some general reading on the topics from the Study Modules of the ICAI, study material given by the Academy and the prescribed books, before the particular topic is dealt in the classroom. In certain subjects, reading is also encouraged through newspapers, magazines and technical journals.

Classroom Teaching and Class Exercise: During the classroom exercise the particular topic is dealt with (explained in lucid terms) in detail. In case of practical subjects adequate numbers of problems are solved in the classroom. Problems, cases or sums are also given for home exercise to develop the technical ability and practical approach of the student. This builds up the required level of confidence to answer multiple choice questions as well as other examination questions. Home assignments or home work also includes additional projects, as needed from time to time.

Post-Preparation: Tremendous importance is given by the teaching faculty on satisfactory completion of the home exercises or assignments. The said work of the students is evaluated.
Testing and Analysis: The Academy also conducts tests under examination conditions. Additional tests, for example, the Weekly Test Series for CPT and PCC are delivered to the student, to be completed in the class as well as at home. After a systematic evaluation of the tests, the students are advised about their strengths and short-comings. Keeping in tune with the proposed changes in the Chartered Accountancy Course, the Academy has already begun with the new Objective Pattern of Questions for the CPT Course and processing answers with High Quality Software Package and Scanner for assessment and analysis of Objective Examinations.

Test Series: Like a final dress rehearsal, a full-fledged Test Series is conducted where students write examinations in simulated exam-conditions. Students are also provided a personal evaluation of their results to show them the right direction.